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What is risk management and how is it done?

Risk management is a process used by church leaders or others involved in strategic planning to help them make decisions about which programs and/or initiatives to implement. This process can be formal or informal. The process suggests that before leadership adopts the most important goals, objectives, or initiatives relating to the future of the organization, they attempt to identify and understand (evaluate) the uncertainty (i.e., risks and opportunities) embedded in the goals and objectives. Leadership may consider how striving to reach these goals, objectives or initiatives may impact all church departments (enterprise).

Upon recognizing these opportunities and risks, leadership may move forward to seize opportunities or establish specific actions to mitigate (e.g., reduce, transfer, eliminate or accept all) the risks. After adopting goals, objectives, or initiatives, leadership or appointees may periodically monitor, review, revise (if necessary), measure, and report on performance. As a result of these actions, the church achieves its goals and objectives, leading to sustained or improved operating performance. 
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