About the Program

The Chipping Program is a service sponsored by the Washington Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Washington Resource and Development Council (WRCD), and Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc. (CoCo), and administered by Chelan County Fire District #3 (CCFD3) and the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition (CWSC).  This program aims to help Leavenworth area residents and landowners to reduce and dispose of vegetative fuels around their homes, accessory structures, along driveways, and from forested lands.  Vegetative material piled by landowners who have completed fuels reduction work will be "chipped" by CCFD3 over a set period of time.  

The CWSC is currently taking applications for the Chipping Program.  Please sign up soon, space is limited. Chipping dates are set for late July/ early August.

How Do I Participate?

1.  Answer the questions below!

2.  We will email you Reporting and Authorization Forms after the completion of this sign-up.

3.  Get your piles ready!

4.  Return the completed Reporting and Authorization Forms to CWSC.

5.  We chip!

* 1. CONTACT ME!  I will have wood to chip! Please send me the chipping program instructions and forms.

* 2. How many acres do you own?

Thank you!