1. Please indicate what county you live in

2. Please indicate your zip code

3. Please indicate which describes where you live.

4. Please indicate whether you are a (select all that apply):

5. If you have a disability, please indicate which type(s) (Optional)

6. All new homes should include a safe room for tornado protection

7. When looking for a home it would be helpful for apartments and homes for sale to provide accessibility information of the property 

8. Rental and homes for sale should be equipped with emergency detectors which alarm is audio and visual.

9. All schools including higher education buildings and public buildings should be equipped with emergency detectors which alarm is both audible and visible.

10. All schools including higher education buildings and public buildings should have emergency plans which include plans for evacuation of people with all types of disabilities.  

11. Allowing small businesses who have hired and employed someone with a disability to receive a tax credit

12. Allowing dentists who provide services to MO HealthNet participants to receive a tax deduction

13. Eliminating the renter's portion of the Senior Citizen Property Tax Credit

14. Maintaining the helmet law requirement for all riders and drivers of motorcycles

15. Expanding MO HealthNet eligibility for the "aged, blind, and disabled" category to cover more individuals

16. Creating an assistance program with scholarship accounts to help parents of students with disabilities pay for education expenses starting with preschools 

17. Private insurance plans in Missouri should be required to cover hearing aids

18. Expanding MO HealthNet coverage to include hearing aid coverage for adults

19. Missouri is doing well with promoting community living and inclusion

20. Missouri's guardianship statute should be updated to emphasize more of the individual with a disability's preferences and allow for rights to be more easily restored

21. Public Administrators should be required to participate in training on ADA, Disability 101, and Disability Etiquette.

22. The Secretary of State should establish an automatic voter registration system

23. In-home and community-based services should be restored to pre-2017 levels.

24. Medicaid shall continue to pay for services provided in schools.  

25. ADA covers visible and invisible conditions/disability.  Education/public awareness could be increased.  

26. What is the most important issue with competitive employment in Missouri?

27. What is the most important issue with housing in Missouri?

28. What is the most important issue with health care in Missouri?

29. What is the most important issue with transportation in Missouri?

30. Which bills (topic or bill number) did you follow during the 2017 legislative session?  http://disability.mo.gov/gcd/files/legislation/2017/051717issue18.pdf 

31. Please provide us with feedback regarding what you would like legislators to work on to improve services for people with disabilities

32. If you could make one change to make Missouri more disability-friendly, what would it be?

33. The Governor's Council on Disability sends out a Legislative Update each week of the legislative session which tracks disability-related bills. If you do not receive the GCD Legislative Update and would like to be added to the listserv, please provide your email address here.