* 1. Age

* 2. Is this your first time purchasing HDB resale flat?

* 3. What is the main reason for buying a resale flat instead of a BTO flat?

* 4. What is the amount of COV that you are willing to fork out for your desired resale unit?

* 5. How do you derived with the desired amount of COV that you are willing to pay as mentioned in Q4?

* 6. Does the COV price transacted for your unit lies within your desired range as mentioned in Q4?

* 7. How do you finalised on the COV for your purchased unit?

* 8. How do you manage to pay for the COV?

* 9. How does COV affect your rational in purchasing the HDB resale flat?

* 10. In your opinion, what should be the control like for the uprising COV?

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