It is the mission of Legacy Hemp to provide the infrastructure for hemp farmers to prosper in the continuing development and success of the hemp industry as a whole. This service provides a connection between new buyers and sellers of hemp harvests to push success within the industry across the United States.

Before you begin, please note this service is FREE for all hemp farmers and producers looking to sell their harvest or yield for grain, fiber, CBD, or certified seed. As a seller, you may offer your hemp harvest for sale. As a buyer, you will request a supply. Please urge your fellow growers, processors, and buyers of hemp to utilize this service by Legacy Hemp.

Conditions and Responsibilities:

Sellers: Please have a certificate of analysis for your harvest on hand which outlines either the cannabinoid content for cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for CBD crops or food-grade testing standards, for grain crops. You will need to upload or take a clear picture (or PDF) of this document. If you are currently on your smartphone, you can simply take a picture and upload this document at the time of the question.

You will also be asked to answer a few questions to describe your hemp harvested product in detail (grain, fiber, seed, or CBD related), so please be as accurate as possible. At the receipt of payment from the buyer, the buyer will be supplied the seller's provided details after vetting is completed.

Buyers: Please note there is a One-Time-Only finder's fee of 7.5% of the initial bulk wholesale transaction. This fee is only applied when a match is found based on your provided specifications. This one-time-only fee applies to any bulk grain, fiber, CBD, or seed sale outside of Legacy Hemp's in-house services. (i.e. you will not be charged any fee if you purchase products or services directly from Legacy Hemp, other than this service). This fee is non-refundable, but each party will be vetted for authenticity. This percentage is justified and matched based on your requested amount and the seller's on-hand quantity. Purchases that result in the total sale of a producer/farmer's crop have precedence. As the buyer, you will specify the sought after hemp product and will be matched to a seller accordingly, so please be as accurate as possible.

You will only pay the one-time-only finder's fee when a match has been made and the seller has been vetted for authenticity. At which point, we will contact you directly with an invoice with the total amount. Payment can be via Paypal, check, wire transfer, or credit card. At the receipt of payment, the buyer will be supplied the seller's provided details in a PDF form along with any relevant certificate of analysis via email. 

Legacy Hemp: Legacy Hemp is responsible to vet the provided answers from the buyer or seller as requested by the questions in this platform. Legacy Hemp is responsible to provide the seller's details to the buyer after the fee has been paid in full.

To all who use this service: Matching a buyer and a seller is not an immediate process. We review new buyers and sellers and will match them based on provided details as they come in. Buyers and sellers will each be vetted for authenticity (i.e. buyers are vetted via receipt of finder's fee, sellers are vetted via certificates of analysis). Each party may be contacted directly via phone and/or email. After the vetting process, it is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to buy or supply the product respectively in any manner agreed upon between these two parties.

In continuing with this service, it is important to know Legacy Hemp is not responsible for any business between parties after the buyer has been provided the seller's information. This includes shipping arrangements.

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* 1. I have read and understood the above conditions and responsibilities as a buyer or seller.