We want to know how we are doing and whether the services our staff provides are timely, responsive, and helpful.  Thank you for taking the time to help us with that.  We have 10 short questions designed to obtain information from you that will help us to do our jobs better.   Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.

* 1. How did you most recently contact the child support program?

* 2. The Child Support Professional I spoke with treated me with respect.

* 3. The Child Support Professional was knowledgeable and responsive to my questions.

* 4. The Child Support Professional I spoke with provided me with the process or next steps as it pertains to my case

* 5. The response time from my Child Support Professional was reasonable.

* 6. Please rate your most recent experience.

* 7. It was convenient and easy to access a Child Support Professional.

* 8. It was convenient and easy to access the child support information I needed.

* 9. Thank you for contacting us. Please tell us about your overall experience and if you have a suggestion please tell us what we can do to improve our customer service.

* 10. If you would like a follow-up call, please provide your name and phone number,

We appreciate your time and willingness to provide us with feedback.  We will review the information and put it to good use in improving our performance.