The University of Calgary Swim club is working to improve the training and competing environment for all athletes, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers. Now that you have completed the Dare to Care Seminar we are asking you to repeat the survey. We ask this in order to measure the impact of the learning and new information that was covered in the presentation as well as to ask you for feedback on the seminar for future adaptations and improvements. Thank-you for your support of this project.

We ask that you answer the questions honestly and as accurate as possible.

We emphasize that the Survey that we are asking you to complete is completely ANONYMOUS and VOLUNTARY, as well as the IP address that your information will come from. If at any time you would not like to answer a question, please skip the question. The UCSC will not be collecting IP data nor personal information to identify individuals, families, coaches, staff or volunteers. To ensure anonymity, the information you will be providing for this project will be collected, recorded and kept in strictest confidence by the team involved in analyzing the information. Only group results will be reported or presented to the team involved in program evaluation. The raw data will be kept on a memory stick and stored in a locked filing cabinet and destroyed two years after completion of the project.