Nose piercing

Africans 4000 years ago decorated their noses with rings, believing that it would bring them good luck. Later, only women began to wear jewelry, it played an important role as a symbol of marriage.
The men of India always pierced only the left nostril, in order to preserve the masculine force and protect themselves from impotence, and the women for the easy childbirth without consequences. Depending on which side of the piercing is done in the nose, a conclusion is made about certain qualities of a person. A pierced right nostril is a sign of desire for self-love and selfishness.
Hindus pierce their nose in honor of the goddess Parvati, who keeps marriage. In addition, for them it is a sign of high social status.
Talking about the meaning of piercing the nose of a girl or a guy in the modern world is very difficult, because the origins of the tradition to wear earrings in the nose go back to ancient antiquity and not only Indian. Most likely, the answer may be given by the people themselves choosing this type of decoration. In most cases, today this is done for beauty or to underline belonging to a particular subculture.
At present, a nose piercing is not only female, but also male adornment. Guys with piercing in the nose are quite common.