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100% of survey complete.

* 1. What is the name and location of the school or community group that hosted a Peer Power youth leadership presentation?

* 2. What is the name of the school and the location that the Peer Power Presenters came from?

* 3. Had you heard about Bullying Awareness Week before now?

* 4. Did the Peer Power youth presenters contact you well ahead of the presentation date?

* 5. Were the Peer Power youth presenters well prepared?

* 6. Were the objectives of the presentation clearly communicated?

* 7. Was the information well organized?

* 8. Was the information about bullying relevant to the audience?

* 9. Could you hear and see the presenters clearly?

* 10. Did the presenters maintain eye contact with the audience?

* 11. Did the presenters have the audience’s attention?

* 12. Did the presenters use media effectively to support their points and ideas?

* 13. Did the presenters effectively communicate their knowledge of the topic?

* 14. Did the presenters make you think about bullying in ways that you had not before?

* 15. Have you been inspired to act because of this presentation?

* 16. Would you recommend these presenters to others?

* 17. Do you think that there is value of having older youth presenting to younger youth?

* 18. Have you or your organization participated in Bullying Awareness Week before?

* 19. What month do you think is most appropriate for Bullying Awareness Week?

* 20. Do you have any further comments or suggestions that you would like to make?