* 1. Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering for the Roadmap 11 Conference. As a volunteer you will receive a $25 admission, in exchange for your volunteer shifts. Please be prepared to volunteer 6-8 hours June 19th or 20th, 2018. 

To proceed with the volunteer application, please select "yes" below.

Jenna Stathopoulos 

Event Coordinator | Roadmap 11

* 2. Please fill in the following:

* 4. We will have a full roster if amazing volunteers throughout the day tackling all aspects of service and assistance. We expect all volunteers to maintain a positive and professional attitude when dealing with guests and staff.
What do you hope to contribute as a volunteer? Please briefly describe any experience you have that prepares you for this role.

* 5. Some volunteer positions require you to look up attendees by name through an electronic registration system.  Please indicate you comfort level and proficiency with computers with basic training.

* 6. Do you have questions for the conference organizers? You will be contacted by June 4th, 2018 with further details once your application has been reviewed. If you have initial questions, please contact Jenna at Jenna@evroadmapconference.com

* 7. As the volunteer shifts are short, we hope that you can enjoy the conference as an attendee. However while on shift, all volunteers are expected to be fully engaged with customer service helping staff put on a successful event. Please refrain from networking while on shift, save for before or after.