FDV Every Ones Business

Thank you for taking part in our survey regarding family and domestic violence (FDV) observed in public areas. We appreciate your time and would encourage you to answer the questions honestly.

All comments and answers will remain anonymous, if you would like further information about our project please email policegrants@peelcls.com.au.  

The answers collected in this survey will form the basis of the project and assist in the development of relevant community information about what individuals can do to safely intervene in or report public incidents of FDV.  Public safety is as important as the person being abused but as a community if we do nothing, we endorse FDV violence as being ok.   

If we share information on  social media, talk in staff meetings, have conversations with friends and family about what we can to do safely demonstrate our refusal to accept violence in our community and discuss incidents that we witness, then we can start to make a change in our community’s attitudes of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. 

If you find answering the questions leaves you feeling distressed or upset and that you need to talk to someone, we have included a list of contacts at the end of the survey you can call to debrief. 

PCLS acknowledge that FDV is not always male to female and can be same sex or Mother & Daughter, Aunty and Nephew etc.

FDV affects many families regardless of culture, financial status, spiritual and religious beliefs etc. 

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* 1. Please specify if M (male), F (female) or X (Indeterminate/Intersex/Unspecified)

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* 2. Age:

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* 3. Do you believe you have a good understanding of FDV

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* 4. Please look at the incidents below and mark which you believe are examples of FDV

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* 5. Have you witnessed a FDV incident in public Y/N

What did you do?

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* 6. What could be done to make you feel more comfortable to intervene or report FDV you observe?

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