Vocational Rehabilitation and Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind Survey

The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services is conducting a survey regarding our services to you as a potential, current or past consumer.  It is important that you complete this survey so that we may use the results to correct, improve and maintain our services that we provide to the Citizens of Mississippi with disabilities.  We thank you for your time and participation in this survey.

* 1. Please identify yourself as one or more of the following:

* 2. Please select your race.

* 3. Are you of Hispanic or Latino origin?

* 4. If you are an individual with a disability or a family member or caregiver of a person with a disability, choose the category that best describes the disability.

* 6. What is your current level of education?

* 7. If you are an individual or a caregiver to an individual with an active case at MDRS - VR/VRB, what is the status of that case at this time?

* 8. The referral process for VR/VRB services was a positive experience.

* 9. Did you understand the information discussed with you by your VR/VRB Counselor during the application process?

* 10. Did your VR counselor provide you a copy of all the documents you signed during the application process?

* 11. If you have a current case or had a previous case, what other service(s) do you think would be or would have been helpful to enable you to gain or retain employment?  (more than one may be marked)

* 12. Select the 5 top choices that you feel keep people from working.