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One of GSNEO's objectives is to provide superior levels of customer service. Your feedback telling us what is going well and what needs improvement is essential to our success in our efforts to better serve you. Please take a moment to complete this survey regarding your last contact with GSNEO. Thank you for your feedback. -- Customer Service.

* 1. Customer Name

* 2. Please contact me via:

* 3. Date of interaction with GSNEO Staff

* 4. Name of staff member(s) interacted with (if unknown, please indicate unknown)

* 5. Please indicate your agreement with the following statements:

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Staff was courteous and helpful.
Staff was well informed and knowledgeable.
I received complete, accurate information.
A timely response was provided.
I am satisfied with the overall quality of my most recent interaction with GSNEO.

* 6. If you feel we fell short in meeting your needs or expectations, please describe the situation, including the name of the staff person involved and the date the incident occurred. If your issue was not resolved to your satisfaction, what resolution, if any, are you seeking?

* 7. Please indicate the name(s) of any staff you would like to compliment/commend:

Thank you for completing our Customer Satisfaction Survey. You may reach us at any time at customerservice@gsneo.org or by calling 330-864-9933 or 1-800-852-4474.