* 1. Thank You for participating in our survey. We'd like to reward you for your participation. By taking this survey and providing your full contact information, you can qualify for a rebate to attend at a significant discount.

Please provide the following contact information.

* 2. What is the single most important thing you want to learn?

* 3. We are considering holding a workshop, with limited spaces for divorced dads who are wanting to learn the general skills to be a more effective when they are representing themselves in Family Court. Attendance at the workshop does not constitute legal advice. The skills taught would improve your case in any location as it is based upon what has worked for divorced dads around the world.

Would you find a Workshop on how to improve your genral abilities to be effective in Family Court Helpful?

* 4. Would you prefer to attend such an event live in a classroom environment or through the comfort of your own home via a teleseminar?

* 5. Which is the better day to attend this event - Saturday or Sunday?

* 6. What would make this workshop extremely valuable to you?

* 7. Would you be interested in a regular workshop focused on working with 6-10 fathers?

* 8. If we gave you an opportunity to earn money to promote this workshop as an affiliate, and paid you a commission, so in effect you could come for" FREE", would you promote such an event to other divorced dads?

* 9. What would you need to promote this workshop to other divorced dads?

* 10. Please use the following scale to indicate the overall rating of the following:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
How would you rate your written communication skills?
How would you rate your verbal communication skills?
What is your current understanding of Family Court Forms?
What is your current understanding of Family Court Procedure?

* 11. If you attended, what things do you want to learn?

* 12. Please use the following scale to indicate your response:

  Never Once Several Times Frequently
I have attended a FREE clinic hosted by Fathers Resources International.
I have listened to Divorced Dad Weekly via telephone.
I have listened to Divorced Dad Weekly via the webcast page.

* 13. Regarding the above activities, if you chose "several times" or "frequently", why have you done so?

* 14. Regarding the above activities, if you chose "never" or "once" was it because...(Please choose all that apply)

* 15. What are you willing to pay for a very full and focused 8 hour day of training on improving your Family Court skills with only 6-10 fathers, with a workbook. (No recording of this event will be allowed by participants, but the sessions will be fully recorded and available for purchase).

* 16. What are you willing to pay extra if we also gave you audio and video recordings of the entire 8 hour event that you can also access / download from a "secret" membership web site?

* 17. If we offered a regular 2 hour once a month "private mastermind" teleseminar as an additional follow-up product to answer questions, teach new skills, that you could participate in weekly, that was limited to 6-10 fathers, what would you be willing to pay per month to join such a group?

* 18. Please check the sentence that best describes you:

* 19. Are there any issues that are of particular interest to you? (Please choose all that apply)

* 20. In what activities would you be interesting in participating?

* 21. Will you attend the workshop?

* 22. What would make you feel that you have received TEN TIMES what you have paid to attend such a workshop?

* 23. What are the two best ways to communicate with you? (Please indicate only first and second preference)

  First Preference Second Preference
Office Mailings
Home Mailings
Phone Appointment
Office Appointment
Fathers Resources Meetings
Divorced Dad Weekly Teleseminars

* 24. Is there any question you feel we should have asked but didn't?