Strengths Based Leadership Seminar Winter 2013

Leadership Seminars offer students the opportunity to earn non-credit certification in a range of leadership and management topics. Topics range from communication to inclusion, but vary on an annual basis to address student needs and interests.

The Strengths based Leadership Program is a 2-week workshop series on leading with your strengths. The program is based on the StrengthsQuest assessment tool.

Required workshops: 2/19 & 2/26
1:00 - 3:30 p.m.
KC 1142

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* What groups and/or organizations are you involved with on campus and/or in the community?

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* Do you live on campus?

* Have you ever taken the Strenghts Based Assestment before?

* If yes, please list your signature themes (strengths).

* How did you hear about this program?

* Have you attended any other Laker Leadership Programs before?

* Photo Release: I give Laker Leadership Programs (LLP) and the Community Service Learning Center (CSLC) permission to use photos taken of me while participating in their programs for promotional purposes in newsletter, mailings, facebook, promotional items and/or website.