ACES Customer Needs Assessment

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100% of survey complete.

We are interested in offering programs and services that best meet customer needs. In order to make this possible, we need your consistent input so that we may ensure appropriate programs and services are being offered at your installation. Please remember that in order to introduce a new program, this survey must indicate enough interest to make the new program a success. If your coworkers and adult family members are interested in pursuing an education or using our services, please encourage them to complete a survey to enhance feedback. You are required to answer every question in order to complete the survey.

* 1. What is your Status?

* 2. *What is your Rank/Grade?

* 3. *Is your General Technical (GT) score on the ASVAB (or on the AFCT if you have retested) below 110?

* 4. *If you plan to improve your GT score, which is the best method for you to study and improve reading and math skills before retesting?

* 5. *Which hours are best for you to attend Basic Skills classes?

* 6. *Select all the education programs/services you have used during the last 12 months.

* 7. *If you have not used Army Continuing Education Services (ACES) programs, please indicate primary reason why not?

* 8. *How much longer do you expect to remain at this location?

* 9. *What is your immediate education goal?

* 10. Have you had your military training and experience evaluated for potential college credit?

* 11. *What is your current education level?

* 12. *Select up to three (3) Certification Program(s) that interest you.

* 13. *Select up to three (3) Associate Degree Programs that interest you.

* 14. *Select up to three (3) Bachelor’s Degree programs that interest you.

* 15. *Select up to three (3) Graduate/Master's Degree programs that interest you.

* 16. *Which of the following is the most important reason you enrolled/would enroll in college courses?

* 17. *If required for your degree (or for your personal enrichment), which language would you most want to learn?

* 18. *Which methods of instructional delivery interest you most? 

* 19. *What are the best times for you to take college classes (classroom)? (Choose no more than two answers.)

* 20. *When is the best time for you to use Testing Services? (Choose no more than two answers.)

* 21. *Do you know if there is a computer lab in your Education Center?

* 22. *What weekday times are best for you to visit an Army Education Counselor? (Choose no more than two answers)

* 23. *What is your preferred method for receiving Counseling services?

* 24. *Please indicate your preferred means of learning about education programs and services available to Soldiers. (Select up to three answers)

* 25. *Indicate your current servicing installation.

* 26. Please enter any additional comments/remarks below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Fort Bragg  Army Continuing Education System (ACES) survey. This will assist us in better serving you, our valued customer!