GOGS Website Improvement Survey

GOGS Website Survey

This survey will be used to improve and redesign portions of the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society's website.
1.Do you use the current website at all?(Required.)
2.If no, why haven't you visited the website? (after answered, skip to question 5)
3.What do you like the most about our website?
4.What do you like the least about our website?
5.What would you like to see on the website?
6.What information would bring you to the website?
7.What is your favorite genealogy society's website and why?
8.Please provide any additional feedback that might help us improve our website. (If there is not sufficient space here, please email suggestions to gogswebsite@gmail.com)
9.Would you be willing to volunteer to help design, review, or work on updates on our website?
10.Please provide your name and email address so we can contact you about website activities.