Thanks for helping us prioritize projects!

There's plenty of work left to be done on some of the projects listed in the BTA's 2005 Blueprint for Better Biking, but it's time for an update. This survey is designed to help us make that update to our list of top-priority projects to make bicycling better in the Portland area.

There are a lot of potential projects listed here. DON'T GET OVERWHELMED. If you have just a couple in mind, and they're on the pull-down menus, great. Select them. If you can't find them there, write them in. It's okay to leave fields unselected or blank.

If you have time to study a map and prioritize projects for every quadrant and every county, that's great, too.

We appreciate all the input we can get. Thank you.

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* 1. Who are you?

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* 2. Are you a member of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance?

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* 3. How would you categorize yourself as a cyclist?