Healthy Sexuality Survey

Thank-you for taking time to answer this survey.  It will help us to understand what is most important to you in our upcoming Sunday School discussion about sex and sexuality. Please know that your answers are entirely confidential.  Other than identifying each person who replies as either a parent or a youth, we have no way of knowing who said what in this survey.

PS:  It's probably obvious, but just to be sure...  These discussions will be in Youth Sunday School class held jointly with Rockway and First Mennonite Churches.  It will be facilitated by some adult experts who are NOT parents of youth in the class.  We're asking parents the same questions as youth because, well, they care.

* 1. Are you a parent or a youth?

* 2. Please rate the following topics in order of importance for us to discuss during our upcoming conversations about sex and sexuality, with 1 being most important to you, and 12 being least important.

* 3. What is the question you MOST hope we will answer/talk about regarding sex and sexuality during Sunday School conversations?

* 4. What is one of your fears/worries about talking about sex and sexuality in Sunday School?

* 5. What is one of your fears/worries about sex/sexuality?

* 6. Please check any dates that you know you will not be able to be present in class.