Going predator free: making a strategic plan

As the lead Government agency for Predator Free 2050 (PF2050), it’s DOC’s job to prepare a strategic plan around how best to achieve it, and we’d like your help. There are a great many things to consider: how, for instance, do we get all of us – all New Zealanders – to engage with PF2050? How do we make sure it is adequately funded over its entire term? How do we encourage the technological innovation we’re going to need?

We’d like to hear your thoughts on these and many more issues. To get things started, we gathered the views of scientists, technical experts, iwi, NGOs and others during a series of focus group workshops. This paper outlines their ideas and insights, and invites you to comment on them, or add more ideas of your own.

Because many things will change over the next 32 years, we can’t prescribe every action in detail over the long term. The strategic plan will therefore set out quite general milestones towards 2050 but focus more tightly on the near term – the next 5 years.

Our intention is to push that near-term planning ahead of us as we go, much like a bow wave, adapting to new circumstances and incorporating lessons learned from the previous term into the next. The emphasis will be on clear accountability, with some long-term milestones established to help keep the programme on track.

At the end of each section of this discussion guide, you’re invited to comment on the proposed 5-year goals. Longer-term milestones out to 2050 are provided in a separate section at the end of the guide, and you’re invited to comment on those too, if you wish.

How to complete this survey

We invite you to feedback on eight key areas. Write as much or as little as you like for each answer. 

You can skip any question you don't feel comfortable answering. Likewise, feel free to answer only one or two questions if you're short on time – just make sure you submit the survey by clicking the 'Done' button on the last page. 

You have until 30 January 2019 to offer your feedback, either online using this form or by e-mail: predatorfree2050@doc.govt.nz.

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