Poster Session Submission Form

This is an invitation for you to submit a poster to the 2022 Virtual ECP Annual Meeting.  There will be two poster sessions in GatherTown. 

The purpose of the poster session is to promote dialogue among ECP project representatives on topics of potential collaboration and requirements-sharing. You will want to virtually present material in your poster session that will help others understand your project and its role in the exascale computing ecosystem.

Please complete the following poster submission form, which should contain information about the poster presenter and the poster content. Note that the Poster Presenter will need to register for the program and will need to be present during the session they will be assigned to.

Please note that NDA content must not be included on your poster. Information related to use of the Frontier Early Access System (Spock) and Test and Development System (Crusher) may be included; we ask that you first email a copy of the material you plan to present. All information related to the Aurora Early Access system (Arcticus) is NDA. You may request permission from the vendor to include this information on your poster. Contact for details.

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