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* 1. Battle of the precocious, brother bemoaning, fashion-challenged tweens! Blossom Russo (BLOSSOM) versus Clarissa Darling (CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL). Who wins?

* 2. Nebbishy, romantic paleontologist Ross Geller (FRIENDS) versus nebbishy, romantic architect Ted Mosby (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER). And the reigning nebbishy romantic is...?

* 3. Mona Robinson (awesome grandma from WHO'S THE BOSS?) versus Samantha Jones (SEX AND THE CITY). Who's the fiercest cougar?

* 4. Carlton Banks (FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR) versus Alex P. Keaton (FAMILY TIES). Whose khakis emerge un-mussed?

* 5. Sue Sylvester (GLEE) versus Amanda Woodward (MELROSE PLACE. If you had to ask, "the original, or the shitty remake?" slap yourself on the hand for me. Shame on you. THERE IS ONLY ONE MELROSE PLACE!) Anyway, who wins?

* 6. Adorable angst-master Kevin Arnold (THE WONDER YEARS) versus king of the geeks Sam Weir (FREAKS AND GEEKS). Seeing these two actually fight would make me cry, so how about they play Rock, Paper, Scissors instead? Who's your money on?

* 7. Carrie Bradshaw (SEX AND THE CITY) versus Liz Lemon (30 ROCK). I couldn't help but wonder... who wins?

* 8. Jordan Catalano (MY SO-CALLED LIFE) versus Dylan McKay (90210). Which bad boy is the baddest?

* 9. Feisty decorators Julia Sugarbaker (DESIGNING WOMEN) and Grace Adler (WILL & GRACE)--who makes the cut?

* 10. Battle of the bands! Aging rockers Rufus Humphrey (GOSSIP GIRL) and Jesse "Uncle Jesse" Katsapoulis (FULL HOUSE) duke it out. Who wins?