This brief survey is intended to gather public opinions on the outdoor dining structures (also known as "streateries") that have been located throughout Downtown Edmonds since mid-2020.  

Streateries were initially allowed in mid-2020 in response to pandemic-induced closures and/or restrictions on restaurants and cafes. Streateries were intended to help restaurants by providing outdoor dining options that would continue to attract residents and visitors to Downtown Edmonds and where restaurant patrons could feel more comfortable in the fresh air. 

Information gathered from this survey may be used by City leaders to determine whether to continue to allow streateries into 2022. 

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* 1. Thinking about your personal use of streateries for eating and drinking in Downtown Edmonds, please select one of the following:

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* 2. Please answer the following question if you answered "regularly," "occasionally" or "seldom" to Question 1: How likely would you be to continue to use streateries for eating and drinking in 2022 if they are still present?

(If you answered "never used" to Question 1, skip to the next question.)

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* 3. If outdoor dining in streateries is no longer available, which of the following options most closely describes your expected eating/drinking habits in Downtown Edmonds during the first six months of 2022?

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* 4. All things considered, do you believe outdoor dining in streateries.... (choose one of the following):

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