* 4. Please select wheth.er you are an Athletic training Student (ATS) or an athletic trainer (ATC)

* 5. If BOC Certified Please Provide BOC#

* 7. If you are an Athletic Training Student will you be taking the BOC Exam Prior to the festival?

* 8. If Athletic Training Student Please Provide Name of University you are attending? Please note you must be in a CAATE Accredited program?

* 9. If an Athletic Training Student Please indicate which level of professional program

* 10. What year in the Professional Phase of the AT Program will you have completed at the end of the spring 2018 semester? (Please note if you have completed 1 year and 1 semester as some programs only have 5 semester please indicate the year closest so if you have only completed 1 semester put 1st year if you have completed 3 semesters put 2 years etc)

* 11. Education: Please list your current education starting with Junior college to most current degree program enrolled Please list the Name of the School Dates you attended and the degree and Date conferred or Anticipated

* 12. Please provide at least 1 current and 2 previous employment positions in Athletic Training if an AT or if a student provide your three recent clinical experience rotations. Include Date from/ to Name of Organization/company or School, Position.

* 13. please list three references there name and phone number for each for AT's one must be from your current employer for AT students 1 should be from your most recent preceptor.

* 14. If you have previous worked with the Volleyball Festival of Fiesta Classic please indicate the number you have worked enter a numerical number and (0) if you have not worked any previous.

* 15. Will you need housing during the festival?

* 16. Will you have a car with you (we need to know to provide for parking at venues or hotels) If you are flying in there is a light rail that provides transportation to downtown hotels or you can take a cab or shuttle service please not these transportation costs are not covered by the Volleyball Festival?

* 17. Preferred work schedule, please note priority will be given to applicants that have availability for
the entire tournament. We are assuming if you are applying that you are available for these times
during the dates of the Volleyball Festival: June 25 thru July 1, 2018. Please indicate by ranking your preference below 1 for your first choice and 2 for your second choice. Consideration will be given to try and accommodate however schedules will be made to assure coverage for the tournament so all requests cannot be guaranteed.

* 18. Please provide your current email address:(yes this question is being asked a 2nd time to verify correct email address was submitted)

* 19. The Volleyball Festival requires that you certify your application by submitting your typed electronic signature. To certify your application please read the text below and provide an electronic signature (type your name) and then submit your application.

I certify that all the information on my application is accurate and true, I understand that lying on the application or falsifying any information my result in my not being hired or dissmissed as a member of the sports medicine staff.