Now that you have completed the online version of the Basic Safety Orientation (BSO) course your feedback would be appreciated.
Please take this opportunity to share with us your thoughts using this short survey. 
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* 1. Was it easy to login and start the course?

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* 3. Since you were to taking the online course, you already had:

* 4. Were there any questions you needed answered while taking the course?  Please include your questions below.

* 5. No personal information is kept on file related to your electronic proctoring experience.  What are your thoughts on the use of e-Proctoring as part of the online BSO course which could allow you to take certain courses virtually without the need of an instructor?

* 6. I went to and was able to verify my certificate

* 7. Now that you are done this BSO Online course, how would you describe how long it took?

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* 9. While taking the course, were there any modules you needed to retake?

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