* 1. Respondent Information (Contact Information Will Be Kept Private, Only Verified Seven HIlls Resident Answers Will Be Counted)

* 2. BUDGET: For the first time in many years, 2017 has a projected small surplus instead of the $1,000,000+ deficits that have become the pattern in previous years. We want to know how you want us to handle the budget in 2018.

* 3. PARKS: In 2017 we appropriated $50,000 toward improving the parks. Valleywood baseball diamond was reconstructed. A pavilion was built at Calvin Park. New benches were ordered for baseball fields, along with other items. What would you like to see done in the parks in 2018?

* 4. DEER: In 2015 voters overwhelmingly approved an advisory issue on the ballot instructing Council to legalize bow hunting of deer. We listened by creating an ordinance in conjunction with our Police Department and bow hunting began last season with a minimum acreage requirement of 2.25 acres. (37 deer were culled.) In 2018 should we:

* 5. RECREATION CENTER: We have received some complaints about the cleanliness of the building, the need for new equipment, among other issues. In 2018 should we:

* 6. STREETS & SEWERS: We are about to begin construction on a nearly $3,000,000 road resurfacing program. As is customary, we are borrowing the money and should be able to pay it off in 8 years as opposed to the normal 15 years. In addition we will begin an aggressive sewer repair program this summer or fall. In 2018 should we:

* 7. SENIOR SERVICES: We have a Community Services Department but the resources are limited. In 2018 should we:

* 8. HOUSING: Time marches on. Even though there is some new housing being build in Seven Hills, in 2018 should we?