AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships Alumni Survey


1. What are the top three reasons you applied for the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship?

  First Second Third
Pursuing a unique opportunity for professional development.
Developing a working relationship/network with established decision makers on public policy issues.
Participating in a network of professionals who share my values.
Venturing into new endeavors that could lead to significant personal and professional growth.
Engaging in work that improves the quality of life and the world in which we live.
A rare opportunity to influence national policy decisions.
Taking my expertise in science and applying it to daily life.
The opportunity for a career path in public policy.

2. Which of these statements best describes your experience with the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship? (Rank your top three.)

  First Second Third
The use of science in the policy process is not an easy thing to grasp. You need to be immersed in the environment to fully understand it.
I gained new understanding of effective practices within government-supported programs.
It brought a whole new perspective on my own research.
I realized someone’s life depends on my effort.
It was an exciting and rewarding year.
I was doing something that makes a difference.
I wanted to try something different from academia.
It changed my perspective on the kind of scientific work that I do.
The Fellowship has been a life-changing experience.

3. In a single phrase or sentence, please describe the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship Program (e.g., AAAS Fellowship Program: bringing science to life).

4. What single most important point do you think would motivate a prospective candidate to apply for the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship?

5. How did you first hear about the AAAS S&T Policy Fellowship? (Please choose one answer)

6. Did you apply to the program immediately after learning of the Fellowship?