Resources for Effective Sleep Treatment (REST) Post Learning

33% of survey complete.

We would be very grateful if you could take about 5-10 minutes to complete this evaluation questionnaire. We will use the responses that you provide us to improve the style and content of the learning. The first part asks about how you feel about the learning and how you might apply this in your practice.

* 1. Please rate the following areas of the education by selecting the most appropriate response on the scale provided

  Strongly disagree Partly disagree Neither agree nor disagree Partly agree Strongly agree
The learning introduced new ideas and information
The information was easy to understand
The subject knowledge was well evidenced
The materials were clearly written
The learning was useful

* 2. What aspects of the learning worked well and what if anything could have been done better?

* 3. Which of the assessment/treatment tools and techniques from this session are you planning to try out in your practice?

* 4. How are you going to communicate these ideas to other members of your practice team?

* 5. Please briefly describe how you are planning to try out these sleep tools and techniques in your practice