Success And Fear In Human Life

* 1. What does fear mean to you?

* 2. How would your life be better if you conquered fear?

* 3. What does successful living mean to you?

* 4. If you could pick someone else's life to have, who and why?

* 5. Have you ever had a failure(s) you have not recovered from?

* 6. If Yes, Explain briefly on failure and why you have not recovered from it?

* 7. Rate the quality of key areas in your life.

  Not pleased Below average Average Good Excellent N/A
Love Life
Family members
Relationship with God

* 8. What was the most devastating comment someone has said about you that caused you not to follow you're dreams?

* 9. Please tell the relation between you and the person who made you not to follow yours dreams because of the devastating comment e.g co-worker, boss, family member or yourself?

* 10. If you could read a book about having a successful life, what is the one area of your life you would love to improve?