Please complete as much of the following as possible, though its OK to leave one or more questions blank. Detailed advice for evaluating stormwater BMPs can be found at: If you have any questions contact CEDS at 410-654-3021 or

* ID:

* Site Name:

* When did you evaluate the BMP?


* Please provide your contact information (especially an email address) in case we have questions and so we can let you know how your findings compare with others.

* Did you take any photos?

* County Listing BMP Type & Actual Type

* BMP location accurate?

* GPS Coordinates and location description

* 1. During the growing season, is the facility free of dead, dying or invasive vegetation?

* 2. Is the facility free of trash or other debris?

* 3. Is the facility attractively landscaped?

* 4. Is the facility and the area draining to the facility free of soil erosion?

* 5. Can runoff clearly flow into the facility from rooftops, streets, parking lots or other impervious surfaces?

* 6. Is pretreatment present?

* 6a. Pretreatment Type:

* 6b. Does the pretreatment measure need cleaning? Is sediment getting through to the BMP?

* 7. Ponds:

* 8. Infiltration Trench:

* 8. Infiltration Basin:

* 9. Bioretention, Micro-Bioretention, Rain Garden, Swales, Etc.

* 10. Sand Filter

* 11. Other BMP types:

* Is there anything else you feel we should know?