1. Overview

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We understand that many of our thyroid cancer patients are trying additional treatments for their care. Dr. Jennifer Rosen and Dr. Stephanie Lee at the Boston Medical Center would like to better understand if these treatments influence traditional cancer therapy. We need your help in a research study by completing this questionnaire on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and the information collected will be kept anonymous - this means that your name and other identifying information is not asked for and not used. This information may be used for future publication. You can refuse to participate and such a decision will not affect your medical care now or in the future. If you have additional questions, please contact Dr. Jennifer Rosen at either 617-414-8016 or Jennifer.Rosen@bmc.org. You may obtain further information about your rights as a research subject by calling the Office of the Institutional Review Board of Boston University Medical Center at 617-638-7207. This survey should take about ten minutes to complete. Please do NOT complete this survey if you have done it before!