Mentoring Future Scientists- UC Irvine Satellite Meeting

Putting Mentoring at the Heart of Academia - Future of Research (FoR) UC Irvine Satellite Meeting.
June 14 (Friday), 2019; 7:00AM - 1:00PM (Live telecast of the FoR Chicago Mentoring Meeting) GPS-BIOMED will have its own mentoring program in between - to be announced soon.
Venue : #1246, McGaugh Hall, University of California, Irvine
Coffee, snacks and lunch will be provided!
The importance that departments and institutions attach to supporting good mentorship, and providing mechanisms for accountability and addressing poor mentorship, have become an issue of intense scrutiny for early career researchers. Future of Research is organizing a meeting on June 14th 2019, dedicated to greater prioritization of mentoring practices in departments and at institutions.
About the meeting
Academic departments, research institutions, and funding agencies receive taxpayer funding not only to carry out research, but to fulfill their responsibility for developing early career scientists to their full potential. However, they have all historically neglected to prioritize mentoring as a key concern in producing researchers, compared with metrics of research productivity.
What is the evidence to support this claim?
- ½ of students who start graduate degrees in the U.S. do not complete them.
- Sexual harassment rates in academia are second only to the military in the US.
- Scientists struggle to take their own research with them when starting their own labs.
- Scientists from historically underrepresented groups are leaving a career path that has failed to create an inclusive and welcoming work environment.
- Ph.D. students are at high risk of mental health issues.
Funders & academic organizations recognize this mentoring crisis:
- The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) are studying The Science of Mentoring in STEM, due to come out in Fall 2019.
However, as one attendee at a recent NASEM meeting noted:
“Mentoring involves people, and reports won’t do much.”

FoR hopes for greater transparency for ECRs regarding mentoring efforts, and greater attention to mentoring standards by departments and institutions.

Harinder Singh, PhD
Associate Director, GPS-BIOMED
Member, Board of Directors, Future of Research

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