* 1. How long have you been a member?

* 2. How often do you visit the Wellness Center?

* 3. How often do you attend a class?

* 4. If you do attend class, which classes do you attend?

* 5. Are there any programs or classes not currently being offered that you would like to see at the Wellness Center? If suggesting classes, what time would you add a class that would not offset the current schedule?

* 6. Do our hours meet your needs? If not, please explain.

* 7. Which of these services do you plan to use in the next year? Mark all that apply.

* 8. Would you have any interest in purchasing protein bars and/or other nutritional snacks if we were to offer them?

* 9. Rank your level of satisfaction related to the Wellness Center's operations.

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied Very Dissatisfied
Gym Cleanliness
Locker Room Cleanliness
Staff Friendly and Knowledgeable
Equipment Condition

* 10. Overall, how would you rate your experience at The Wellness Center?