Task 2: Instructions

In this final task, you are encouraged to reflect on your experience of the open course, your contributions, any new perspectives, and your learning and teaching context. Task 2 addresses all three learning outcomes for the micro course, with a particular emphasis on Learning Outcome 3: Reflect critically on your experience of open education participation to inform the adoption of OEP in curriculum design. As outlined in the course overview, you may choose to participate in the evaluation of the micro course by consenting to your anonymous responses to this task being used as research data. When completing and submitting your responses, you will be prompted to choose a consent status regarding your responses – ‘yes’ or ‘no’ – without consequence if you choose ‘no’. Kindly consult the Information sheet (pdf) for more detail of the evaluation. Please reflect on the following four questions, and draft your responses guided by the word limits. To submit, copy and paste your final responses into the respective questions in this online form.