Since SEPTA became the first commuter rail operator to introduce QuietRide in January 2009, the program's popularity has grown remarkably. Today, it remains one of the most important elements of both our Customer Service Program and our Passenger Etiquette Campaign (PEC).

Our last QuietRide survey was in early 2012. The program has matured since then and we need to assess if it is still meeting your needs and expectations. By participating in this survey you will help guide the direction of QuietRide in the future.

Before starting the survey, please know your train numbers. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @SEPTA_SOCIAL and visit


Kim Scott Heinle
Assistant General Manager-Customer Service & Advocacy

“SEPTA is committed to consistently deliver a positive Customer Experience! We are driven by our customers and fueled by their expectations!”

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* 1. Which Regional Rail line do you ride most often?

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* 2. If you are a regular rider, what are the two trains that you ride most often?
Please enter train numbers in corresponding text boxes below. If you do not know your train numbers, you can skip this question.

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* 3. How frequently do you hear platform announcements that the first car of the train is the QuietRide car?

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* 4. How frequently do your SEPTA Train Crews announce that the first car of the train is the QuietRide car?

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* 5. How frequently do you sit in the QuietRide car?