Blue Ribbon Panel Survey

The college has undergone an extensive six month review of programs and priorities across the college through a Blue Ribbon Panel process. This process was conducted as a part of the University’s “Transforming the U” initiative, which focuses on core mission and how we will address the financial challenges of expected continued reductions in state funding to the university. Subcommittees for research, education, service, and operational efficiencies, which were made up of faculty and staff from across the CVM, have provided recommendations on areas to strengthen, to maintain, to reduce or eliminate. These recommendations are focused on implementation for the FY12/13 biennium. The VMC and VDL have had to implement position reductions and other changes in response to the FY11 budget situation.

The summary report of recommendations was sent to CVM faculty, staff, and students. Consultation meetings are being held during the month of September. Your confidential feedback on those recommendations, or other suggestions for increasing revenues or decreasing costs is requested. Please submit your responses no later than Friday, September 24th.

* Indicate your role in the college

* Please indicate your participation in the BRP (check all that apply)

* Department/center/unit affiliation

* Over the past six months how much knowledge of the Blue Ribbon process did you have?

* Looking at the Blue Ribbon Panel members, subcommittee participants and other committees, groups, and individuals that were part of the discussion, do you believe the process could have benefited from input from additional individual?