* 1. Please check 2 that apply. (Not Required)

* 2. Would you consider yourself a gamer? If so how many hours do you play in a day?

* 3. What aspects of video games do you find interesting?

* 4. In the space provided, what would you say to someone who suggested video games should be considered a sport?

* 5. What thoughts do you have about people getting paid for playing video games?

* 6. How do you think professional gamers make their money? Write as much as you see fit.

* 7. What kind of game would you enjoy playing and getting paid for? (mobile games, massive multi-player online, role playing game, first person shooter, etc).

* 8. How many Youtube videos do you watch about video gaming on a weekly basis?

* 9. Have you ever watched video games being played live weather it be on some form of electronic viewing or in person? Describe the experience.

* 10. If you could, would you consider making a living off of video games? Explain how and why.

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