Dear Biomed Postdocs,

Did you know that Penn was actively involved in green actions?

- Greenopia ranked Penn 20th in their rating of the top 100 Universities’ environmental impact
- Half of Penn’s electricity use comes from green energy
- Penn participates in the recycle mania competition every year and obtains better results year after year

However, a few things still strike your green committee when they stroll along their daily life at work. Have you ever wondered such things as:

- Why did my lab mate bring his heater to work? It’s 100F outside (answer: no way to turn the AC down)
- This bathroom sink keeps dripping! This is annoying. Now I’m thinking about it, it is one drop/second. Given that a drop is about 0.05ml. Omg, it’s 3ml/min, 180ml/h, 4.32L/day, so 1533.6L/year, #$*(#$,….. /millennium)
- How come did I see this huge recyclemania event about waste last Spring, and my lab does not even have a recycling bin yet?

These questions are heartbreaking, thus we’d like to tackle them all. For this, we need to better understand what the behaviors of your labs are and get a representative pool of what happens in Penn’s labs. So, please, take a few secs (3min tops!), to respond to this survey.

Thank you.

P.S. Please visit our web page ( ) for further information.