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* 1. Are you interested in becoming a home owner?

* 2. What is the main reason you are not currently a home owner?

* 3. Would you be more interested in becoming a home owner if your monthly mortgage would be about the same as you pay in rent?

* 4. Would you be interested in a rent to own program?

* 5. If you found a home you liked with a monthly payment you could afford, how much money would your budget allow you to commit now as a down payment for your future home?

* 6. What areas of Chicagoland interest you?

* 7. What size home would suit your needs?

* 8. When do you want to move?

* 9. How can we contact you in the future when a rent to own home becomes available in your area of interest?

Please provide your email address.

* 10. How can we contact you if you would like more information right away?

Please provide your name and phone number.

Thank you!