Sharon Love, M.Ed. has Earned a Reputation for Giving 7-Figure Value per Consulting Hour

Sharon Love, M.Ed. chooses LGBT-friendly clients with great visions that benefits themselves, other people, and the planet.  Her clients often report getting over $1,000,000 of value in one hour of consulting.  

TRIPLE YOUR INCOME GUARANTEED... Her regular Speak & Inspire Millions consulting fees are $100,000 per hour, and her first 20 minutes of consulting with a new client (via phone or video conference) is at an introductory rate of $500.  

If you show Sharon Love, M.Ed. that you have implemented her recommendations, and you do not triple your income in three months, she will give you an extra twenty minutes at no extra charge.  The same guarantee applies if you implement her second set of recommendations.  You can get up to $100,000 of additional consulting (three extra 20-minute sessions) at no charge, simply by showing that you have implemented her recommendations.

You can choose one of the following topics for your introductory session...

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* 1. What would you like to gain from "Speak & Inspire Millions" consulting with Sharon Love, M.Ed. (Psychology), CEO? Please check all that apply... 

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* 2. Please tell us about you and your dreams and goals, and challenges for your speaking...