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* 1. Are you aware that the City of Stow, the City of Munroe Falls and SMF School district are unrelated as government entities and have different funding sources?

* 2. Do you have at least one child in the Stow Munroe Falls School System?

* 3. Out of the following, what do you perceive is the most dangerous threat to children, teachers, staff and visitors at Stow Munroe Falls Schools and Public buildings?

* 4. Do you believe security in the Stow Munroe Falls School system is:

* 5. Do you believe the Stow Munroe Falls School System should Improve Security?

* 6. If Law Enforcement is deployed within the Stow Munroe Falls School System, should they be used at:

* 7. Do you believe Law Enforcement would be beneficial at all public buildings including the school system, Stow and Munroe Falls City Hall buildings, the Library, etc. ?

* 8. If you believe increased security is needed throughout the Stow Munroe Falls School System, how should additional security be paid for?

* 9. Do you believe it is necessary to use additional funding to provide adequate security in the SMF School System?

* 10. Do you believe it is necessary to use additional funding at other public buildings in the Cities of Stow and Munroe Falls?

* 11. If you believe new and additional funding is necessary throughout the SMF School System, would you support additional tax revenue to fund increased security?

* 12. If you support new increased tax revenue through the SMF School system, would you support:

* 13. Would you support a cooperative agreement between the cities of Stow and Munroe Falls combining Law Enforcement in order to provide security for the SMF School district and all Government buildings in both cities?

* 14. Is Local Government best suited to address safety in schools and other public buildings?

* 15. In what SMF school district community do you reside?

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