Music Advisory Collective

The Dandenong Ranges Music Council creates opportunities for community music making for all ages and abilities in any genre across the Yarra Ranges.  DRMC wants to hear from musicians, songwriters, directors, Instrument makers, choirs, bands, orchestras, music teachers and therapists and others.  A passion to tell community stories using community music to celebrate, grieve, protest and recover drives our projects.  Please complete our survey and tell us how you work and fit into making music.
If you are interested in pursuing this further, please attend the session on Sunday 25 June 2023  2pm at the DRMC - Upwey High School.  We would love everyone to fill in the survey so we can collate the feedback.
4.Would you be willing to meet occasionally?
5.How often would you like to meet?
6.How would you like to meet and how often?
7.DRMC would love to have your initial thoughts on how to engage with us, partner or innovative activities, or decide what is important.  Please feel free to provide your views below.
8.What sort of activities would you like to see the DRMC providing with and for the community?(Required.)
9.What do you think are useful or important directions for community music?(Required.)
10.Would you be available to volunteer for to support community music events, bookkeeping, general administration, social media, community projects etc