* 1. With whom did you do academic counseling?

* 2. My academic counselor made timely contact with me through e-mail, phone, or letter.

* 3. My academic counselor helped me with time management skills.

* 4. My academic counselor made me feel welcome and comfortable.

* 5. My academic counselor provided me with relevant information about courses, requirements, and procedures.

* 6. My academic counselor helped me improve my academic standing.

* 7. My academic counselor helped me with immediate and long-range planning.

* 8. My academic counselor helped me with study strategies for my classes.

* 9. Please answer the following:
1) Why did you seek academic counseling (e.g., I'm on probation, a professor referred me, I referred myself).
2) Please indicate how often you met with your academic counselor (e.g., once, weekly, biweekly, monthly, infrequently, never).
3) Please indicate approximately how many minutes you spent with your academic counselor, on average, each meeting (e.g., 30 minutes, 20 minutes).

* 10. Please provide any other feedback or suggestions to help us improve our services.