This survey was handed out at the Artisan's Asylum kickoff on May 1st, 2010. If you completed the survey at the event, there is no need to fill this out. If you are interested in joining and couldn't make the event, please take a look at the PowerPoint we presented ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/artisansasylum/4570479429/in/set-72157623850250683/ ) and then take this survey to help us design the space.

-Gui and Jenn

* 1. Name:

* 2. Email Address:

* 3. What are your preferred methods of contact and organization?

* 4. How would you rate your current skill level in the crafts you'd like to master?

* 7. If you're interested in helping set up, please give us an idea of what you can offer:

* 9. If you're interested in teaching, please give us an idea of what you could teach:

* 10. What forms of membership could you definitely see yourself utilizing come June 1?

* 11. What capabilities are you interested in at the Asylum?

* 12. What capabilities have we not covered that you would be interested in?

* 13. Is there anything you would like to discuss with us, or have us contact you about?