Welcome to The Ultra Ethnography

Thank you for your interest and willingness to participate in this interview and questionnaire. The project is an anthropological exploration of community in ultrarunning and is designed with the intent to build a database and profile of the ultrarunning community in addition to collecting stories of experiences of community.
The interview (1 part) and questionnaire (2 parts) are completed entirely online, through this server, Survey Monkey. Your responses are saved as you go and, therefore, you are able to return at a later time to add, edit, or complete the interview and questionnaire if you are unable to do so in one session. The entire interview and questionnaire should take approximately 1 hour to complete.
Please feel free to send any comments, questions, concerns, or thoughts in regards to the research tools being used or about the project, more generally, to Ian MacNairn via email at ianmacnairn.ultrastudy@gmail.com. Also, please feel free to visit the project's website at www.theultraculture.com for news, updates, and information about ultrarunning and its community.

Question Title

1. How did you find out about this project, The Ultra Ethnography? (Please select all that apply)

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