Oahu's Primary Urban Center is uniquely vulnerable to impacts associated with sea level rise due to our coastally-focused society and economy, concentrated shoreline development, and remote location in the central Pacific. It is increasingly likely that we will see 3 feet or more of sea level rise by the end of this century. Six feet or more of sea level rise by 2100 is plausible under some scenarios. High tide flooding will affect low-lying coastal areas decades before global mean sea level reaches these benchmarks. 
A 3.2-foot Sea Level Rise Exposure Area was developed as a hazard overlay in order to prepare for and adapt to sea level rise impacts. This area represents the combined passive flooding, wave flooding, and coastal erosion hazard areas. The 3.2 SLR-XA shows areas projected to be exposed to chronic flooding from sea level rise. It is generally assumed that areas within the 3.2 SLR-XA would become subject to chronic or permanent flooding if adaptation measures are not implemented or if impacts become too severe to adapt in place. 

To begin preparing for the rising seas, DPP is currently out and about in the PUC community, holding Pop-Up events that focus on specific impacts for urban Honolulu.  Thanks to all who have come out and participated in person! The following survey replicates the interactive exercises we have at our Pop-Up events, as well as an additional component asking for your input on site specific strategies. Please take this short survey to contribute your opinion.
Your input is important! This survey is a short 10-minute questionnaire, and is part of the public engagement process for the Primary Urban Center Development Plan (PUC DP), last updated in 2004. The PUC DP covers the area from Wai‘ale-Kāhala to Pearl City, mauka to makai, and sets forth the major long-range policies and guidelines related to land use, transportation, and infrastructure investment over a twenty year time horizon. Mahalo!
Click here to read our background research paper on sea level rise in the PUC
For more on the PUC DP visit the project website at www.pucdp.com.