Volunteer Form

The DALNET Board has adopted a strategic focus that has established an annual call to committees. The call to committees includes volunteer positions that have been identified for the fiscal year, October 1 - September 30. Committee work provides opportunities for service, achievement, and development.

In addition to the Board of Directors and Project Manager groups, DALNET has currently identified the following committees noted in this survey to do work this fiscal year.

* 1. Cataloging and Database Standards Committee

Summary: Review documentation outlining standard practices in DALNET databases; monitor work of various Standard Committees and new standards, e.g. RDA, metadata, etc.; make recommendations for the application and implementation of standards; design, coordinate, and evaluate education opportunities related to the development and implementation of database standards.

* 2. Cost Allocation Task Force 2013

Summary: Create a financial plan that includes membership cost-allocations, including means of sustaining the annual operating budget after migrating to a new library software platform. Specifically review current income and expenditures, project costs for a new platform, and identify how current revenues may be reallocated to cover anticipated future annual operating costs.

* 3. Reciprocal Borrowing Committee

Summary: Continue to monitor and make recommendations for system settings, policies, and procedures for the DALNET Get It Local! Reciprocal Borrowing service.

* 4. Contact Information: