How can your business benefit from Social Media?

We understand that many businesses are not sure where to start. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how social media can help your business!


* 1.
We respect your privacy, contact details will only be used to follow up with your analysis.

* 2.
Do you integrate "user-reviews", "quizzes" or "surveys" to gather data about potential customers on your site?

* 3.
Are visitors able to bookmark, like, share or retweet your website pages?

* 4.
Do you have a business-related Linkedin Listing and/or do you belong to any other online Industry Groups?

* 5.
Do you Tweet on Twitter about special offers or other business-related activities?

* 6.
Have you published pictures or videos of your products or services on Online Video and Photo-Sharing sites?

* 7.
Does anyone within your company blog about your products, services, attractions or local events?

* 8.
Do you have customer testimonials that you promote?

* 9.
Do you have an email newsletter that potential customers can sign-up for on your website?

* 10.
Do you have a Company Facebook page for your business?

* 11. List 3 of your competitors websites

* 12. How did you hear about Web Media Expert?