JHF 2019 Patient Safety Fellowship

The Patient Safety Fellowship prepares recent and current graduate students to apply emerging implementation science methods, team-based problem-solving strategies, and continuous quality improvement methods in healthcare settings. The Fellowship is a program of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI), and Health Careers Futures.

This year’s Fellows have the unique opportunity to work with the newly developed Pennsylvania Perinatal Quality Collaborative members to analyze processes and identify contextual factors that impact the application, spread, and sustainability of these comprehensive perinatal programs in the State.

The Patient Safety Fellows will:

-Learn patient safety methodology (Perfecting Patient Care)

-Learn how to identify the factors that contribute to the application, spread, and sustainability of quality improvements

-Identify and understand successful processes in creating positive perinatal outcomes

-Select the organization to receive the PA PQC Patient Safety Award

The PA PQC sites that participate in the Patient Safety Fellowship will:

-Identify a point person for the Fellows to ask questions via phone and email

-Present to the Fellows in-person or virtually during one of the Fellowship sessions (Potential sessions are Tuesdays beginning June 11 to July 23 in Pittsburgh from 4-7pm)

-Allow the Fellows to interview at least 3 people from the site in-person or virtually about how they used quality improvement methods and the factors that contributed to the success of their quality improvement work (The interviews will be scheduled on a date between June 26 and July 8)

-Receive help from the Fellows to create a storyboard about the site’s process

-This storyboard will be presented during the Fellowship Finale on July 30 and the PA PQC Learning Collaborative session on Sept. 24

Benefits for selected Patient Safety Fellowship Sites:

-$20,000 for the site that is selected for the PA PQC Patient Safety Award in July

-Ability to highlight and gain recognition for your site’s successful perinatal processes

-$3,000 per site for the 5 sites that are selected to participate in the Fellowship, mentor Fellows, and be a nominee for the Award (Sites will be selected by May 15)

-$1,000 per site to help offset data collection costs for the first 15 sites that (1) apply to participate in Patient Safety Fellowship and Awards, and (2) report baseline data for the PA PQC’s required metrics and the prioritized, optional metrics for maternal mortality

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