Dear year 11-13 teachers of DT&HM

We're keen to hear from you about the resources that have been developed to help you teach the new DT&HM curriculum and support NCEA assessment.

The feedback from this survey will be used to improve how DT&HM resources are developed, accessed and used.

The survey refers to four sets of resources currently available to assist teaching, learning and assessment in DT&HM. These are:

1. Assessment tasks – developed to support the new DT&HM achievement standards
2. Teaching and Learning Guide
3. DT&HM Online for NCEA
4. Example teaching and learning programmes for Level 1

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

We would like to conduct a short telephone interview with 10 teachers. If you are happy to participate in a 10-minute follow-up interview, please provide your details below. Participating teachers will receive a $20 Whitcoulls voucher.

If you have any queries or concerns about completing this survey, please contact Robyn King on 0277877671, or email

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* 1. Do you want to participate in a follow-up telephone survey?

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* 2. If yes, please record your name and phone number below. If no, please go to Question 4.

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* 3. When is the best time to call you?

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* 4. How long have you been teaching DT&HM?

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* 5. Do you teach

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